News 13.06.2020.

“Borbeni Slozeni Sistemi“ opens a new plant in the town of Kursumlija

A new production plant of "Borbeni Slozeni Sistemi" d.o.o., a subsidiary of Jugoimport-SDPR J.P. was opened today as part of the first phase in the construction of the machine processing factory situated in the village of Pljakovo near Kursumlija.

The opening ceremony was attended by an official representative of the president of the Republic of Serbia and Commander-in-Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces, Aleksandar Vucic, defense minister Aleksandar Vulin, Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, general Milan Mojsilovic, director of Jugoimport-SDPR J.P, Jugoslav Petkovic, deputy director of Jugoimport-SDPR J.P, Branislav Prostran and the president of the municipality of Kursumlija, Radoljub Vidic.

An amount of 8.5 million euros was invested in the implementation of the first phase which includes the construction of the facilities and procurement of the technological equipment. The new plant spreads across three thousand square meters and employs 80 workers.

After completing phase 2 and 3, and the construction of all facilities and the entire complex covering a total area of 17.000 m2, 300 workers are to be employed within the next two years.

The factory shall conduct two processes:

• Production of subassemblies;
• Assembly of armoured vehicles;

The plant for metalwork and welding is built in order to produce subassemblies in the first phase, where the following technological processes shall be carried out:

• Laser cutting of 6 x 2.5 m plates up to 25 mm thickness;
• Bending of cut material on CNC Apkan press with the capacity of 800t and cutter length of 6 m;
• Welding using following techniques: MMA, MIG/MAG and spot welding;
• Temperature conditioning of welded assemblies;
• Grinding of welded assemblies;
• Welding is carried out in the subassembly welding area at 8 work stations and assembly welding area at 7 work stations.

The guests were given a tour of the complete facility and were presented with the next stages of the factory construction, as well as various phases of production of armoured hulls for the combat vehicle "Milos" and chassis for the multi-purpose combat vehicle "Lazar" in the newly opened plant.

Three armoured vehicles "Milos" were displayed in front of the factory (one equipped 7.62 mm Gatling machine gun and two vehicles with 11.7mm RCWS) as well as 2 multi-purpose combat vehicles "Lazar" (one fitted with 12.7 mm RCWS from serial production, manned with the members of the Serbian Armed Forces and equipped with new sets of combat equipment, and another vehicle equipped with 20/3mm RCWS "Kerber").

After the tour of the factory, the attendees were addressed by the defense minister Aleksandar Vulin, as well as the director of Jugoimport-SDPR J.P, Jugoslav Petkovic, the president of the Municipality of Kursumlija, Radoljub Vidic, and on behalf of the workers, Sanja Miljkovic.

On behalf of the president of the Republic of Serbia and Commander-in-Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces, Aleksandar Vucic, Minister Vulin congratulated all citizens of Kursumlija, all Jugoimport-SDPR employees and all citizens of Serbia on the opening of the first factory in Kursumlija in 40 years.

Otvaranje fabrike - Kursumlija 13 jun 2020

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