News 27.08.2021.

10th Exhibition of Arms and Defense Equipment “PARTNER” Announcement

As announced today in the media conference held at the Belgrade Fair, 10th International Exhibition of Arms and Defense Equipment „PARTNER“ shall take place from 11th to 14th this October, under the auspice of the Ministry of Defense, Republic of Serbia, co-organized by „Jugoimport-SDPR“, and supported by Belgrade Fair.

The year 2021 is the first jubilee year of the PARTNER Exhibition – 10th anniversary of the manifestation that was started in 2004, at the initiative of the workmen of the Ministry of Defense, Republic of Serbia, Jugoimport-SDPR, and Belgrade Fair.

In the course of nine previous manifestations held in the past 17 years, PARTNER has become the largest and the most prominent exhibition of arms and defense equipment in the Southeast Europe.

Among those speaking of the PARTHER exhibition in the conference, and the exhibits to be premiered, were Mr. Nenad Miloradović, PhD, Assistant Minister of Defense, RS, Mr. Aleksandar Lijaković, Assistant Director for Commercial Affairs of the public company „Jugoimport-SDPR“, and Ms. Mirjana Lukić, Advisor to the Acting Director of the Belgrade Fair.

Along with the companies operating as a group called Serbian Defense Industry, there will be other manufacturers of arms and defense equipment from Serbia presenting their range of products, arms trading companies, scientific, educational, and research institutions, and institutions within the Ministry of Defense which deal in overhaul, maintenance, and testing of arms and defense equipment.

As one of the organizers of the upcoming exhibition, „Jugoimport-SDPR“ shall present its capabilities on the main three business strategy missions: as the holder of R&D and production of complex combat systems and ammunition, the integrator of the Serbian Defense Industry on the global market, and the company procuring arms and defense equipment for Serbian Defense Forces and Ministry of Interior, both from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Presented at the PARTNER exhibition shall be the products from R&D departments of Jugoimport  subsidiaries, such as „Complex Combat Systems“ Velika Plana (Kuršumlija facility), „Belom“ Uzići, manufacturer of small arms ammunition, „Utva“ Pančevo, „Forging Center“ Valjevo, PMC, Atera etc. The group of Jugoimport subsidiaries, although mostly technological companies, also includes „Srpska banka“, acting as the financial and strategic partner.

Moreover, the exhibition shall open the door to a group of Jugoimport sub-contracting companies to introduce themselves.

The 10th Exhibition of Arms and Defense Equipment „PARTNER“ shall be held in halls 1 and 4, and outside Belgrade Fair buildings, covering around 26,000 square meters of exhibition space. Various expert forums and panel discussions shall be organized during the exhibition, giving the floor to various domestic and foreign army experts to present their achievements and ideas, and share experiences gained in the field of defense technology. Weather and other conditions permitting, demonstrations of various defense equipment and live firings from various weapons shall be held at the proving ground of Serbian Defense Forces in Nikinci.

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