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More photos

7.62x54mm 7.62x51mm M11 semi automatic sniper rifle family

The M11 semi-automatic sniper rifle family has been developed as further development of standard M91 7.62x54 mm SA sniper rifle. The most imporant new features are including higher precision at long ranges due to heavier barrel, compact transport configuration with folable stock and reinforced receiver. The possibility of aiming with optical sight and with mechanical sight is 1000m.

For targets of height of 30cm (head silhouette), the sweeping range is approx. 320m, for chest silhouette (height 50cm) is 450m and for running silhouette (150cm) the sweeping range is 650m.

Accuracy data: group of 1.0 -1.5” at 90 m (<1MoA)


The most: important custom features:


  • Ergonimically designed with perfect balance,
  • Easily controlled,
  • Folable stock
  • Heavy barrel
  • Easy handling and maintenance,
  • Possibility of mounting of different types of optical devices,
  • Possibility of installing of silencer.

This weapon was designed after long and careful study of combat tactics and experience of millitary and police special forces worldwide. The development work has been done under supervision and in close cooperation with some of the most experienced and capable special and antiterrorist units.