• More than 70 years of experience in small arms ammunition producrtion
  • best possible raw materials and components
  • Modern high energy gunpowders
  • Noncorosive and nonmercuric Berdan or Boxer type primers
  • State of the art technology that provides for low production tolerances
  • Rigorous Military control of both elements and finished rounds conducted in accordance with MILL standards
  • Exelent accuracy, reliability under various conditions and safety
  • Combat proven and in service with Yugoslavian and several other armed and police forces
  • Packed in sealed waterproof military packagings

The 12.7×108 mm cartridge is a heavy machine gun and anti-materiel rifle cartridge used by the former Soviet Union, the former Warsaw Pact, modern Russia, and other countries.

It is used in the same roles as the NATO .50 BMG (12.7×99mm NATO) cartridge. The two differ in bullet shape and weight, and the casing of the 12.7×108mm is slightly longer and thicker, allowing it to hold slightly more of a different type of powder. The 12.7×108mm can be used to engage a wide variety of targets on the battlefield, and will destroy unarmored vehicles, penetrate lightly armored vehicles and damage external ancillary equipment (i.e.: searchlights, radar, transmitters, vision blocks, engine compartment covers) on heavily armored vehicles such as tanks. Armor piercing .50 cal ammunition will penetrate around 25 mm of armor.