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122 mm extended range rocket family

Baring in mind ubiquitous presence of 122 mm multiple launch rocket systems all over the world, their excellent combat performance in wars fought all over the world and the fact that these rockets don’t comply with modern requirements, Yugoimport-SDPR presents two new types of 122 mm extended range rockets, which are fully compatible with BM-21 and RM-70 launchers:


  • Grad-M, with maximum range up to 28 km
  • Grad-2000, with maximum range up to 40 km.


These two rockets are created during the general overhaul of original 122 mm rocket, by replacing of:


  • propellant grain, for Grad-M and
  • propellant grain and nozzle assembly for Grad-2000 rocket.


122 mm rockets Grad-M and Grad-2000 can be equipped with two different warhead types:


  • HE prefragmented warhead

     HE prefragmented warhead is two steel balls size type: 6 mm and 10 mm, containing  4000 and 1000 balls, effective against wide range of battlefield targets, including lightly armored and non-armoured vehicles, artillery systems, manpower, AD systems etc.