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Towards Partner 2015

The sixth successive international defense exhibition PARTNER 2013 was held in June 2013, and it was organized in cooperation of Jugoimport-SDPR J.P., Belgrade Fair and the Ministry of Defense as the official patron of the exhibition. Our company has fully supported the idea of holding a regular international exhibiton of defense equipment at Belgrade Fair ever since the idea first came up in 2004. The goal was to introduce Serbian defense industry within a modern and cohesive presentation using considerable experience which Jugoimport-SDPR J.P. had gained through numerous attendances at the leading defense exhibitions worldwide. In order to attain the targeted goal, Jugoimport-SDPR J.P. has invested significant means, activelly engaging marketing resources. The concept of the exposition was a spatial integration of all the co-exhibitors in one expansive area, using contemporary architectural solutions and multimedia contents.

Held under the dome of Hall I of the Belgrade Fair, and following the same concept of presentations used at the previous, PARTNER 2011 exhibition, PARTNER 2013 has concentrated the offer of all major development programs of the institutions supported the Defense Technologies Department within the Material Resources Sector of the Ministry of Defense RS, primarily of the Military Technical Institute (MTI), but also of R&D and production programs of Jugoimport-SDPR J.P. in the fields of R&D and production of complex combat systems.

On the platform of the Hall I above the arena, Ministry of Defense has integrated the expositions of its authorities and institutions. MTI has presented number of its capital development projects. The novelty of the exhibition was presentation of six companies within Serbian defense industry with the state as their major shareholder; previously the companies had exhibited their programs independently, but at the last exhibition they were integrated under the patronage of Jugoimport-SDPR J.P. Apart from those six companies, some thirty other companies engaged in Serbian defense industry were gathered round Jugoimport-SDPR J.P., as well as number of cooperating companies engaged in research and production of complex combat systems. Their stands were also located on the platform of the Hall I above the arena.

Hall 14 accommodated foreign exhibitors, as well as some major and mostly privatly owned Serbian companies registered for trade in defense equipment.

Along with other complex combat systems introduced at previous PARTNER axhibitions or some technical musters of Serbian Defense Forces which Jugoimport-SDPR J.P. had participated in, newly introduced exhibits of Jugoimport-SDPR J.P. at PARTNER 2013 were multi-role armored vehicle LAZAR 2 and NORA-B/52 BK version of 155 mm caliber self propelled artillery weapon of NORA family.

PARTNER 2013 was visited by a number of official delegations of MoD and DF institutions from the partner countries of Jugoimport-SDPR J.P.

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