Activities 30.12.2014.


On 16th of October, 2014, a military parade under the slogan "March of the Victor" was held in Belgrade to celebrate 70th Anniversary of Belgrade's liberation in World War II, and 100th Anniversary of the beginning of the World War I. Some 3,500 troops from various elite units of all Serbian army branches have participated in the festivities.

Mr. Tomislav Nikolić, the President of Serbia, delivered an opening speech on behalf of the state and army officials, and introduced the President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin, who also spoke on the occasion.

Commanding the parade was the Chief of Staff of the Defense Forces of Serbia, Gen. Ljubiša Diković.

The parade was held as per the following schedule:
• Arrival of the President of the Republic of Serbia and the President of the Russian Federation
• Honorary artillery salute
• National anthem of the Republic of Serbia
• Speech of the President of the Republic of Serbia
• Speech of the President of the Russian Federation
• Commander of the parade report
• Paratroopers – air landing operation
• Infantry echelon marching past
• Honor guard drill show
• River flotilla pageant
• Motorized echelon driving past
• Aviation echelon flying past
• Russian acrobatic air team "Strizhi" (Swifts) program

Jugoimport-SDPR J.P. participated in the motorized echalon program with the following weapon systems:
• 155mm Self-propelled howitzer (SPH)"Nora B52 K2" (6 vehicles)
• 155mm SPH "Nora B52 K2" logistic vehicle (6 vehicles)
• Armored combat vehicle BOV M11
• Multipurpose armored combat vehicle "LAZAR-1"
• Multipurpose armored combat vehicle "LAZAR-2", and
• 122mm SPH SH5 "SOKO".

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