Activities 10.03.2015.


This year Jugoimport-SDPR has participated in the defense exhibition in Iraq, among others. The exhibition featured a respectable number of official delegations and visitors from neighboring countries.

The exhibition was visited by the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Iraq, Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Army, Commander of Iraqi Air Force, Commander of Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) within the Army, and Commander of ISOF within the Navy.

Special emphasis was placed on the armaments from development and production programs of our company and MTI, as well as on the manufacturer of ALAS and LORANA missiles, gun pods, Lazar 1/2 transporters, BOV M11 combat vehicle, NORA howitzer, Galeb G4 aircraft, mockup helicopter with gun pods and infantry weapons with VB-10 soldier of the future program. Graphic part of the presentation has accentuated the importance of artillery system, combat vehicles, and helicopter and aircraft armaments.

The presentation of Jugoimport-SDPR on this exhibition has proved to its partners and numerous representatives of media and defense institutions that it can compete on equal footing with the renowned world defense industry manufacturers.

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