Activities 15.05.2017.

IDEF 2017 Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey

Jugoimport SDPR took part in the International Exhibition IDEF 2017 held in Istanbul, Turkey in the period from 9 to 12 December 2017.

IDEF 2017 is one of the leading defence exhibitions in the world, thus our objective was to present the development and production programs along with the technological capabilties of Jugoimport SDPR and the Serbian Defence Industry, and other manufacturers of capital combat systems to a wide audience.

The most significant achievements of today in the field of A&DE development and production were showcased in this exhibition, which provided an insight into the trends in future development of weapons and equipment.

Jugoimport-SDPR, as the intergrator of the Serbian Defence Industry, placed a special emphasis on standard ammunition, artillery – primarily NORA-B/52 familiy of systems, rocket artillery (new GRAD rocket with a range of 52 km), wheeled combat vehicles – Lazar and Milos, combat vehicles armaments and subsystems, production of powders and explosives, infantry weapons with VB-10 program, anti-tank gudied weapons, helicopter weapons, aircraft subsystems, quick patrol and multipurpose boats, etc.

A series of successful meetings and presentations took place during the exhibition and Jugoimport's booth was visited by a large number of foreign delegations and commercial visitors.

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