Activities 23.12.2014.

EUROSATORY 2014, Pariz

Jugoimport-SDPR has participated in "Eurosatory2014", the international exhibition of armaments and defense equipment (ADE) held in Paris, one of the most important exhibitions of that kind in the world. The global character of the exhibition is confirmed by numerous delegations from almost all regions of the world. This year more than 1500 participants from 59 countries attended the exhibition, 400 of which were from France. In terms of design and the overall promotional and multimedia impact, Jugoimport-SDPR’s stand covering an area of 225m2 was completely on par with the stands of the leading western manufacturers.Among the other co-exhibitors at the Jugoimport’s stand, there were also the representatives of Sloboda a.d. Cacak, Kovacki centar Valjevo and GDS-Aleks Armour.

The capacities of the Serbian defense industry and Jugoimport-SDPR were presented through the exhibits and through the multimedia and graphic presentations. Special emphasis was placed on the equipment from Jugoimport-SDPR’s development and production programs, as well as on the equipment  of Military Technical Institute and the companies of the Defense Industry -  guided missiles ALAS and LORANA, aeronautical gun pods, mortar 60mm M06 and 81mm, systems BUMBAR  and APOS in full configuration, the family of  extended range missiles 122mm, new sniper rifles produced by Zastava factory, as well as a number of different artillery, mortar, medium caliber and infantry ammunition and infantry weapons from the current offer, personal and  protective equipment, aeronautical structure components and hydraulic components. The graphic part of the presentation highlighted the importance of artillery systems, combat vehicles, helicopter and aircraft armaments, KOBAC and LASTA aircraft from the development and production programs of Jugoimport-SDPR as the system integrator.

 The following delegations visited our stand : The Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Ecuador, The Ministry of Defense of Cyprus, The Ministry of Defense of Poland, The Ministry of Defense of Angola , The Ministry of Defense of Columbia, The Ministry of Defense of UAE, The Ministry of Defense of Mexico, The Ministry of Defense of Qatar, The Ministry of Defense of Greece and The Ministry of Defense of Pakistan, as well as the representatives of the following reputable companies: Avibras industria aeroespecial S.A.- Brazil, Kig- Kaddb Investment group from Jordan, Badar Expo Solutions, Badar Engineering Services and Trade and Test International.

Participating in this prestigious exhibition, Jugoimport-SDPR has demonstrated to its partners, i.e. stand visitors, including many representatives of the media and institutions of the armed forces in the field of defense, that it is fully capable of competing with the leading manufacturers.

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